Summer is Coming — Are You Excited for a New Year of Adventure?

Summer is Coming — Are You Excited for a New Year of Adventure?

We’ve passed the winter solstice now so the days are slowly getting longer and the weather will now start to get better, hopefully!

The last few years have been tough. I think it’s important that you have a plan to live life to the fullest this year and make the most of the coming months. For me, it seems life passed me by in a blink of an eye last year. One minute it was the first of January and the next minute it was the 25th of December!

I definitely utilized much of my time last year but this year I want to do better, do more, and embrace what the outdoors has to offer. By planning how you’re going to utilize the spring and summer this year you can start the year with the right foot forward. 

Do you want more adventure, more thrills, and more fun this year? Let’s take a look at how you can make the most of the spring and summer months and go into next winter feeling like you achieved, explored, and experienced as much as you could in 2022…

The Days are Getting Longer…

The days are getting longer now and that means one thing…. 

…More time in the day to get out and enjoy life.

It’s easy to let the hours of daylight disappear before you when you’re consumed with work, day-to-day life, and general stress. However, it’s extremely important to take time out of the day to relax and recharge. Getting out into nature is a great way to do this.

Planning how you’re going to cease the day beforehand allows you to make use of every last drop of sunlight. The summer months make it much easier to do more with your day, so be sure to make the most of it. During late spring and throughout summer it’s easy to spare a few hours to get outside and explore, even if it is a workday or a school night.

It’s all about planning and structuring your day effectively while allowing room for impulsive activities. If you figure out what you’re going to do, where you’re going to go, and what time you want to be there a day beforehand, you’ll find yourself fitting way more fun and activities into your week.

This is how I manage to balance work while still managing to fish, hike, and kayak every week during the summer! 

So, how will you spend your time as the days draw on?

How Will You Spend Your Time as the Days Get Longer and Warmer?

There are several activities to fill up the spring and summer. If you’re here, you’re probably outdoor-inclined and you’ll know how many things to do in nature there are and how little these activities cost once you’re kitted up for them. 

In this section, I want to share with you four of my favourite spring and summer activities that I love to do after work on the weekdays and spend the majority of my weekends doing. Some of these activities I do weather-regardless and some are far more enjoyable when the sun is shining…

1. Kayaking & Canoeing

I’m obsessed with the water and kayaking is one of my favourite ways to head out exploring. I love kayaking in particular because it’s something that I can do all week in between work and spend more time with on the weekends. 

I have the privilege of keeping one of my kayaks beside a local lake so I can turn up after work with a life jacket and my paddle for a couple hours of exercise, fresh air, and peace. However, before this, I used to either load up my hardshell onto the roof after work to get down the river or keep an inflatable in the boot of the car. The inflatable didn’t last too long though unfortunately as I bottomed it out on some sharp rocks through a set of shallow fast water, oops!

The point is, it doesn’t take as much effort and time as you’d think to load up a kayak onto the car and take it to the water for a quick evening after work. It’s one of my favourite ways to spend my evenings during the spring and summer and a dramatic summer sunset on the water sure beats netflix on the sofa in the evenings!

I even bring out my stove and dinner with me occasionally. This is one of my favourite ways to finish a week's work on friday. I’ll bring a prepared curry (or similar), some instant rice or pasta, and a cheeky beer out with me. I’ll paddle to a far bank, cook food, and enjoy the sunset on my own or in the company of my dog and/or girlfriend.

Canoeing is another activity that I love to do in the summertime. It’s similar to kayaking but I usually use canoes to go on multi-day tours wild camping around lakes and down rivers. Canoes are great if you want to take plenty of camping gear and have a partner that wants to paddle with you. 

Tandem kayaks are also a great option for touring and are much more convenient if you just want to head out overnight or away for the weekend. They’re easier to transport, manage, and are far lighter to get down and up the bank. 

If you’re seriously looking for a way to spend your free time this year and want to start something new and exciting, kayaking is a great option. Once you’ve invested in a vessel and have the necessary equipment to head out on the water, you’ll be able to spend your time out exploring nature whenever you please without spending a penny. 

2. Fishing

As I mentioned in the last point, I am absolutely obsessed with the water. My obsession definitely shows when I go fishing and it’s one of my main passions in life. Fishing is a fantastic activity that you can spend all week doing or simply a few hours every now and then.

You’ll find me out spinning for predators after work two or three days a week and bivvied up on the weekends in search of specimen carp. You may also find me in the bivvy for quick overnighters on weekdays between work, however, I’m pretty crazy and this isn’t sustainable long-term!

The point is, fishing is a flexible activity that doesn't cost much once you’ve invested in some kit. It also doesn’t have to take up much time so it can be done after work, even on the commute home. I always keep a rod and change of clothes in the back of the car for those stressful days where I fancy a few hours enjoying the peace and quiet of the water of an evening.

3. Hiking & Walking

Hiking and walking in nature are great activities for summer. If you haven’t got much time and want to make the most of the evening, taking one of the many trails in the countryside in Ireland and across europe is a great way to spend some time. 

There are plenty of trails along the coast, along the waters, in the woodlands, and in the woodlands to take here in Ireland. If you enjoy being outdoors and want to fill the summertime breathing the fresh air, then hiking and walking are great activities. 

You don’t need money or much time to get out and enjoy nature on the trials. If you’re one to complain saying you have no money to do anything, then get out hiking. It’s free, great exercise, good for your mind, and it’ll keep you occupied when there’s “nothing to do”.

4. Outdoor Cooking

Outdoor cooking is another thing I love to do during summer and all year round actually. I often head out into nature hiking, fishing, or kayaking and either bring my stove or BBQ with me to grill up some food. 

This is a great way to spend an evening after work and an enjoyable thing to do during the weekends, especially when you paddle to a location that's inaccessible by land. There’s nothing better than enjoying a fresh meal outdoors that you’ve worked hard for by paddling or hiking. 

How to Make the Most of This Year and Explore More:

I hope we’ve given you a few ideas for this year. 

These are just things that I enjoy doing in the summer. For me, the water is everything and since I started kayaking I realised how much spare time I actually had during the day to enjoy the outdoors and explore. 

If you’re looking for adventure and a way to spend your time this summer that isn’t on the sofa or down the pub, then kayaking is a great hobby to take up. Kayaking can take you and your friends to new places, keep you fit, provide you with adventure, and give you something incredible to do in your free time. 

If you want to step into adventure this year and start a new nature-based hobby, check out our store or feel free to message us with any questions!

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