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Kayak Cover

Kayak Cover

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Keeping your Kayak protected when you are not using it is key to a long lifespan and maintaining the performance of the kayak. Keeping the surface of the Kayak as smooth and protected as possible will allow you to enjoy and glide through the water better. maintaining that new look and feel of the kayak.

Also from an aesthetic point of view, it is always best practice to keep the lovely bright colours of your kayak as bright and fresh looking as possible. This is also important for you to remain visible while on the water. Extensive sun exposure can fade the kayak and dry the soft sheen finish of many of our beautifully finished SkipJak Kayaks. 

Our Kayak Cover is made from high quality Oxford cloth and is anti-ultraviolet, waterproof and dustproof. Ideal option for kayak protection while in storage and during transport!

Sizing: 3.5m suits up to 8.5ft - 10ft kayaks, 4.5m suits 11ft -13.1ft

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