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Lightweight Folding Kayak Trailer

Lightweight Folding Kayak Trailer

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Style meets functionality - this lightweight compact kayak trolley works seemlessly to transport not just one, not just two but up to three kayaks at once! (max 60kg weight bearing capacity).

Solid tyres ensure punctures don't put a dent in your plans and with andonised aluminum and plastic fittings to prevent corrosion, this design helps your bring your adventures to furthest destinations. 

Removable wheels see your kayak fold down flat, fitting into the hatches of some larger kayaks or tied down to the deck of other models. 

Foam padding keeps your kayak looking slick and sleek, working to reduce scratches and damaged caused in transit. 

*Please note, exact dimensions/folding aspect of trolley style may vary but are extreme likeness to products displayed in the images

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