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SKIPJAK Kayaking Buoyancy aid

SKIPJAK Kayaking Buoyancy aid

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We recommend The SKIPJAK universal buoyancy aid for all kayakers. It  is the perfect safety jacket to accompany you on your kayaking adventures. The foam is strategically placed at the front and back of the SKIPJAK jacket to free up your shoulders, waste and rib area to freely kayak.

The double stitching and holds strong, with 2 pockets at the front to bring items on board with you. Ideal for a phone or GPS safety item of your choice. 

The upgraded SKIPJAK branding and colours also make this jacket stand out from the rest. A real favourite here at Lakeland Kayaks and is proving very popular!

Caters for all sizes due to its compact design and multi layered strapping system. This has a buoyancy of 50N and suits weights from 30k right up to 95kg.

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