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The SkipJak FishJak 10 - Deluxe 10ft Kayak

The SkipJak FishJak 10 - Deluxe 10ft Kayak

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The SkipJak FishJak 10 is a great option for those wanting a compact kayak that will cope with general inshore and coastal conditions. At just over 10ft in length and with a weight capacity of 170kg, it is more than capable for mid to long distance fishing trips - perfect for inshore trolling with lures and general bait fishing. The hull offers a good mix of stability and forwards efficiency, with a smooth tri-form hull that glides well and tracks straight. The sharp bow will cut through choppy waters well. 

Ready equipped for fishing with a generous frontal triangular storage compartment with accessory console cover for attaching additional rod holders of a fish finder mount. The triangular storage hatch is a really cool feature and really gives this kayak character.

It also comes with a deluxe Aluminium Tubed Seat for added comfort which allows you to sit in comfort for long fishing excursions.

Two flush mount rod holders are fitted behind the seat for carrying your rods. A bow hatch offers extra storage space inside the hull whilst the large rear storage well is a good place to put a crate full of gear or a catch bag.

The FishJak 10 is lightweight making it easy to lift onto a car and not too difficult to get to and from the water - we recommend a trolley to make things easier but if you have minimal gear then you could carry this kayak a short distance to the water using the fitted carry handles.

The FishJak 10 comes as standard with an over-stern rudder that you steer using the fitted tip-toe footrests. This greatly enhances the handling and performance in windy conditions or when paddling across the tide, as well as making it easier to turn quickly.

Size and Dimensions

  • Length - 305(10ft) 
  • Width - 80cm
  • Depth - 25cm
  • Loading Capacity - 170kg
  • Weight - 23kg

What is included?

  • 1 Aluminium Tubed Seat
  • 1 Paddle
  • 4 pcs handles
  • 4 pcs flush rod holders
  • 1 pc bungee
  • 1 pc drain cover
  • 8 pcs waterproof plugs
  • 1 pc square hatch
  • 1 pc triangular hatch
  • 1 pc fish finder hole
  • 2 pcs foot rests
  • 1 pc paddle parking
  • 1 pc rudder system


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