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SkipJak FishJak 14 - 14.1 ft Fishing Kayak

SkipJak FishJak 14 - 14.1 ft Fishing Kayak

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LxWxH - 430x80x36cm
Weight -  34kg
Loading capacity -  300kgs

The SkipJak FishJak 14 is a 14.1 foot robust, deuxe large volume sit-on-top kayak suitable for fishing on all water surfaces. With a massive weight capacity of 300kgs / 47.2 stone, you will be able to head out for your days fishing with an ample amount of gear and supplies to keep you warm, dry and fed!

The FishJak 14 comes with an upgraded and excellent deluxe aluminium tubed seat which is very comfortable and supportive for you back while on long fishing excursions. The backrest can be adjusted by 180 °, you can choose your own comfortable angle. It has 25.5mm aviation aluminum tube, ergonomic bending design and a seat load capacity is greater than 140KG.

The kayak has two compartments with convenient covers for equipment. The kayak has places for attaching additional equipment — fishing rods, echo sounders, etc. On the sides of the kayak there are banded paddle holders with clips. In the nose of the kayak and on the sides there are carrying handles, which will also be useful when fixing the kayak on the roof of the car. For maximum comfort-there is even a cup holder.

The FishJak has extra long footwells (to accommodate taller paddlers) and an extra large rear  and front storage well with cargo straps.

There are many features as standard including 8 plugs in the hull to provide structural support that allow water to drain through quickly and a large oval hatch to access internal storage space in the front. Hand toggles located at each end of the FishJak make it easy for 2 person carrying or the hand strap on the side enables it to be carried by one person.

This large single sit-on FishJak kayak is available in an angler package for the fishing enthusiast with upgraded rudder. The FishJak kayak includes adjustable, sliding footrests to control direction and a sea kayak style flip over rudder with the raise/lower controls conveniently located alongside the paddler.

The wide bow of the FishJak sit on top kayak gives greater surface area and volume to help it to lift in rough/choppy conditions rather than spear and bury.

The standard equipment of the SkipJak FishJak kayak is below - 

  • 2 pcs black bunge
  • 1 pc round hatch
  • 1 pc sealed oval hatch
  • 1 pc center console
  • 4 pcs black handles
  • 2 pcs foot rest
  • 1 pc rudder syste
  • 1 pc drain cover
  • 8 pcs waterproof plug
  • 1 pc fish finder hole
  • 2 pcs flush rod holders
  • 1 Aluminium Deluxe Tubed Adjustable Seat 
  • 1pc swivel fishing rod holder
  • 1pc water tank


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